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List of Posters

1. Flashing Yellow Arrow Perception and Factors that Influence Comprehension, Kimberly Barajas (FSU), Walter Boot (FSU), Neil Charness (FSU), Ainsley Mitchum (FSU), Rebekah Landbeck (FSU), Cary Stothart (FSU)
2. Dynamic Traffic Control Interventions for Enhanced Mobility and Economic Competitiveness, Lake Trask (NCSU), Behzad Aghdashi (NCSU) ,Nagui Rouphail (NCSU), Samaneh Khazraeian (FIU), Mohammed Hadi (FIU), Yan Xiao (FIU)
3. Adaptive Ramp Metering Modeling in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) Environment, Samaneh Khazraeian (FIU), Behzad Aghdashi (NCSU), Mohammed Hadi (FIU), Nagui Rouphail (NCSU), Yan Xiao (FIU)
4. Traffic Management Center Current Practices and Future Trends based on a Nationwide Survey, Sakoat Hossan (FIU), Xia Jin (FIU)
5. Efficient Control of Automated Vehicles on Freeway Merge Segments, Clark Letter (UF), Lily Elefteriadou (UF)
6. Effects of Different Sign Alternatives on Drivers’ Behavior at Express Lane Entrances: A Driving Simulator Study, Eazaz Sadeghvaziri (FIU), Kirolos Haleem (FIU), Homa Fartash (FIU), Priyanka Alluri (FIU), Albert Gan (FIU)
7. Improved Methods for Delineating Diverges in Work Zones, Atiyya Shaw (GT), Aaron Greenwood (GT), JongIn Bae (GT), William Woolery (GT), Yanzhi Xu (GT) , Angshuman Guin (GT), Michael Rodgers (GT), Gregory Corso (MSU), Michael Hunter (GT)
8. Effects of Roadway Complexity on Drivers with ADHD, Atiyya Shaw (GT), JongIn Bae (GT), William Woolery (GT), Gregory M. Corso (MSU), Michael O. Rodgers (GT), Michael P. Hunter (GT)
9. Do Adolescents Prioritize Advanced Vehicle Safety Features?, Benjamin McManus (UAB), Lesley A. Ross (PSU), Despina Stavrinos (UAB)
10. Differential Impact of Personality Traits on Distracted Driving Behaviors in Teen and Older Drivers, Morgan Parr (UAB), Lesley A. Ross (PSU), Despina Stavrinos (UAB)
11. Teaching Pedestrian Safety in Virtual Reality: A Community-University Collaboration, Anna Johnston (UAB), Virginia Sisiopiku (UAB), Daniel Rodriguez (UNC), Tabitha Combs (UNC), Mostafa Emeira (UAB), Joan Severson (Digital Artefacts, LLC), David C. Schwebel (UAB)
12. Integrated Simulation and Safety for Bicycles and Pedestrians, Jiawei Wu (UCF), Barry Darius (UCF), Dr. Hatem Abou-Senna (UCF), Dr. Essam Radwan (UCF)
13. Associations between Self-efficacy and Children’s Pedestrian Safety Following Training, Hayley Wells (UAB), Jenni Rouse (UAB), Anna Johnston (UAB), Virginia Sisiopiku (UAB), Daniel Rodriguez (UNC), Tab Combs (UNC), David C. Schwebel (UAB)
14. Am I a good driver? Can Self-ratings of Global Driving Experience and Quality Predict Risky Driving Behavior in Teen Drivers?, Caitlin Pope (UAB), Lesley A. Ross (PSU), Despina Stavrinos (UAB)
15. The Influence of Self-Efficacy and Perceived Safety in Neighborhood on Children’s Frequency of Walking to/from School, Jiabin Shen (UAB), Virginia Sisiopiku (UAB), Daniel Rodriguez (UNC), Tab Combs (UNC), Manasvee Godbole (UAB), David Schwebel (UAB)
16. Effect of Training in Virtual Reality on Children’s Self-efficacy Regarding Pedestrian Behavior, Manasvee Godbole (UAB), Daniel A. Rodriguez (UNC), Tab Combs (UNC), Virginia P. Sisiopiku (UAB), David C. Schwebel (UAB)
17. Are Traffic Safety Rules and Experience Sufficient to Make Children Safe Pedestrians?, Jenni B. Rouse (UAB), Rachel Smith (UAB), Mandy Sessions (UAB), Tab Combs (UNC), Daniel Rodriguez (UNC), Virginia Sisiopiku (UAB), & David C. Schwebel (UAB)
18. How Do Disaster Relief Needs Compare between Aging and the General Population? A Spatial Network Optimization Analysis of Relief Facility Locations, Jean Michael Marcelin (FSU), Mark W. Horner (FSU), Eren Erman Ozguven (FSU), Ayberk Kocatepe (FSU)
19. Comparisons among Mother-Daughter and Mother-Son Self-Reported Driving Styles, Shannon Wittig (UAB), Lesley A. Ross (PSU), Despina Stavrinos (UAB)
20. Investigating the Relationship between Temperament and Risky Driving Behavior, Haley Johnson (UAB), Despina Stavrinos (UAB)
21. Evaluating the Performance of the Negative Binomial and Conway Maxwell Poisson Safety Performance Function for Railway-Highway at Grade Crossing, Gaurav Mehta (UA), Jing Li (UA), Steven Jones Jr. (UA)
22. Confirmatory Factor analysis of Factor Structures of the Safety Culture Survey in the Transportation Industry: The Relationship between Safety Culture and Employee Accidents, Keaton Zucker (DU), Patrick Sherry (DU), David Colarossi (NCIT)
23. Investigating Safety Aspects of Digital Advertising Billboards in the Southeastern Region, Mozahidul Islam (UAB), Virginia P. Sisiopiku (UAB), Kirolos Haleem (FIU), Priyanka Alluri (FIU), Andrew Sullivan (UAB), Despina Stavrinos (UAB), Albert Gan (FIU)
24. An Aging Population Focused Evaluation of Evacuation Operations with a GIS-based Application in Florida, Ayberk Kocatepe (FSU), Eren Erman Ozguven (FSU), Mark Horner (FSU), Jean Michael Marcelin (FSU), Yassir Abdelrazig (FSU), Thobias Sando (FSU), Ren Moses (FSU)
25. Analyzing Crash Clusters near Senior Destination Sites Using a GIS Approach, Sai Saylesh Vemulapalli (FSU), Eren Erman Ozguven (FSU), Thobias Sando (UNF), Yassir Abdelrazig (FSU), Ren Moses (FSU)
26. GIS-based Identification and Evaluation of Significant Factors for Aging-Involved Crashes, Mehmet Baran Ulak (FSU), Eren Erman Ozguven (FSU), Ayberk Kocatepe (FSU)
27. A Spatial Analysis-based Approach for Airport Operations with a Focus on Aging Populations, Hidayet Ozel (FSU), Eren Erman Ozguven (FSU), Ayberk Kocatepe (FSU)
28. GIS-Based Evaluation of Selective Law Enforcement Campaigns to Develop Crash Modification Factors, Jenna Simandl (UA)
29. Safety & Health in Intermodal Transportation: The Prevalence and Consequences of Operator Assault, Jessica Mantia (DU), Keaton Zucker (DU), Patrick Sherry (DU)
30. Real-Time Transit Vehicle Routing Optimization in Intermodal Emergency Evacuations, Lei Zhang (MSU), Yi Wen (MSU), Li Zhang (MSU), Xiaopeng Li (MSU)
31. Transportation Network Assessment Tool for Hazardous Materials Cargo Routing: Health Risk, Delay Cost and Trucking Cost, Bahareh Inanloo (FIU), Berrin Tansel (FIU)
32. Comparison of Freight Demand Forecasting Models, Ehsan Doustmohammadi (UAB), Andrew Sullivan (UAB), Virginia P. Sisiopiku (UAB)
33. A State-of-the-Practice Review of Project Prioritization Methods of State Departments of Transportation, Asif Raihan (FIU), Priyanka Alluri (FIU), Albert Gan (FIU)
34. Economic Viability of Mississippi Gulf Coast Commuter Rail Service, Seth Cobb (UMS), Waheed Uddin (UMS)
35. Intermodal Transportation Systems Risk Analysis and Resilience in New Madrid Seismic Zone: the Impact to Mississippi, William Case Fulcher (MSU), Li Zhang (MSU), Xiaopeng Li (MSU), Lei Zhang (MSU)
36. Simplification of US Girder Bridges and Heavy Vehicle Finite Element Model for Potential Bridge Weigh in Motion Application, Rahul Kalyankar (UAB), Nasim Uddin (UAB)
37. Improved Macroscopic Vehicle Emission Model Utilizing MOVES Estimation based on Operation Mode Distribution, Xuanwu Chen (FIU), Yan Xiao (FIU), Mohammed Hadi (FIU), Lily Elefteriadou (UF)
38. Drive-by Bridge Damage Detection using Apparent Profile, Ahmed El-Hattab (UAB), Nasim Uddin (UAB), Eugene Obrien (UCD)
39. A Review of three Ongoing Researches in ABC-UTC Center at Florida International University, Alireza Mohammadi (FIU), R. Taghinezhad (FIU), J. Gull (FIU), D. Garber (FIU), A. Azizinamini (FIU)
40. Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Extreme Flood Inundation to Assess Vulnerability of Transportation Infrastructure Assets, Alper Durmus (UMS), Q. Nguyen (UMS), M.Z. McGrath (UMS), M.S. Altinakar (UMS) and W. Uddin (UMS)
41. Visibility Sensitive Pedestrian Gap Acceptance Models for Two Way Stop Controlled Sections, Shrikanth Mamidipalli (UAB), Virginia Sisiopiku (UAB).