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Q: Do we need to provide support letters with our proposal to show our matching funds?

A: Yes, when you submit your proposal you need to include support letters that show the source of matching funds.


Q: Are “in-kind” matching funds allowed?

A: Yes, you are welcome to show in-kind matching funds. For example, faculty release time can be used as a source of matching funds. Other in-kind examples include existing equipment, software, waiver of indirect cost, etc. Obviously, all matching funds (in-kind or cash) must be used to accomplish the objectives and the purpose of the proposed project. The source of matching funds must be non-federal sources.


Q: Can NCITEC funds be used for foreign travel?

A: The short answer is yes, but please keep in mind that DOT has strict requirements about this: “A written (e-mail recommended) request for prior approval from RITA is required for travel outside of the United States and its territories. In order to be approved, the need for the proposed foreign travel and the value to be gained by the University Transportation Center must be clearly demonstrated. Requests for approval shall include a written justification that states the name and relationship of the traveler to the UTC, describes how the travel will further the goals of the UTC Program, provides a detailed itinerary and breakdown of planned expenses, and carries the endorsement of the Center Director. No requests submitted after the travel has begun will be approved. Inclusion of an amount for foreign-travel costs in a UTC’s approved budget does not satisfy the requirement for prior approval.”