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Student of the Year


The Student of the Year for the National Center for Intermodal Transportation for Economic Competitiveness receives a $1000 scholarship plus the cost of attending the 59th TRB Annual Meeting. This will cover conference registration and limited travel/lodging expenses. As well, the U.S. Department of Transportation will provide two free registrations to the CUTC Banquet for you and a guest, and a certificate from the U.S.DOT.

The Student of the Year Awards ceremony is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation and honors an outstanding student from each University Transportation Research Center for achievements and future contributions to the transportation field. Students are selected on their accomplishments in technical excellence, research, academic performance, professionalism, and leadership.

Eligible candidates (US citizen or permanent resident) must have completed with a grade of B or better at least 12 hours of graduate course work at the time the selection is made, and have a graduate GPA in excess of 3.25 (out of 4.00).  Candidates must have received financial support from the UTC program for at least two semesters prior to receiving the award.

Selection is based upon accomplishments in three areas:

  • Technical Merit and Research
  • Academic Performance
  • Professionalism and Leadership

Evidence of research merit is based upon faculty nomination and evaluation of submitted written papers or reports. Academic performance is based upon courses attempted and grades attained. Evidence of professionalism and leadership can be in the form of presentations at professional society meetings and symposia, and leadership in student professional activities.


Nominations are usually due in early November and the candidate is selected in early December.  For more information about requirements click here.